Although 182 plants and trees have been listed in the Valmiki Ramayan (source: M Amrithalingam and P Sudhakar, CPR Environmental Education Centre, Chennai), 139 are found in India (source: K M Balapure, J K Maheshwari and R K Tandon, Plants of Ramayana, Ancient Science of Life 7(2):76-84; October 1987, listed below). UPVAN identified 84 species that are found in Uttar Pradesh. The route and sites described in Ramayana are shown in the adjacent map.
UPVAN is helping set up local nurseries of plants from the Ramayana in several towns and cities of Uttar Pradesh. The aim is to improve local biodiversity while creating awareness among local communities. UPVAN is also working on two rewilding projects which will mostly use plants from the Ramayana.

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