Uttar Pradesh Voluntary health association Afforestation Network

Protecting Environment through Strategic Interventions

UPVAN develops Nature-based Solutions, Ecosystem-based Adaptation, Ecosystem Resilience, and Protected Areas Management through community participation and politico-administrative commitment and support of district and state administrations.

Biodiversity Protection

India is a signatory to several major international conventions relating to conservation and management of wildlife.

Ramsar Sites

A wetland is a place where the land is covered by water. Wetlands of international importance are also known as Ramsar sites.

Trees of Ramayana

Although Valmiki Ramayan lists 182 plants and trees, UPVAN has identified 84 species that are still found in Uttar Pradesh.

The CruSader

Vivek Awasthi is Executive Director with Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association Afforestation Network at Lucknow.  He is a postgraduate with 25 year of experience in conceptualizing and managing social development projects. He has expertise in budgeting, planning, execution, policy advocacy, capacity building, and team management.

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